Sunday, 23 August 2009

Saatchi Gallery

The Saatchi Gallery is displaying  work entitled Abstract America: new painting and sculpture. The gallery provides an innovative way for young or international artists whose work has never been seen in the UK. The artists who display there work in this gallery usually have never been seen in the UK before. This gives young artists an opportunity to show their work and launch their career. Many artists when they first exhibited their work in the Saatchi Gallery are not known by anyone, not even the commercial art world. Entry to the gallery is free to make sure that the gallery is making every effort to achieve the galleries aim to bring contempary art to the widest possible audience. I looked closely at a lot of the pieces of artwork in the museum however I have picked out a couple to write about and study that caught my attention for a variety of reasons. The first is located on the lower floor in gallery 13 and is by two of Chinas most controversial artists famously known for working with materials such as human fat tissue, live animals and baby cadavers. The piece is called Old Persons Home. It has wax works of old men placed in electronic wheelchairs. The wheelchairs move is discontinious movement patterns set on a path of collision to collide into each other. These creepy senile men look suspiciously like world leaders that are now crippled . The pattern that the wheelchairs move in colliding into each other mirrors international conflict. I thought this piece was very shocking and needs a closer look by everyone rather than straying away at first glance because of its creepy nature.

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