Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Sims/ H and M

The sims has teamed up with shop H and M to promote their clothes line.  Loads of children and teenagers play on the video game.  You can dress these cartoon people and choose what they look like.  You can now only choose H and M clothes to dress your sim in, you can make your sim go shopping, try things on, browse through the clothes, do runway catwalks.  Making people aware of the clothes they sell in H and M.  This game brings together the real world of fashion and the virtual world of gaming.  This game also works to the advantage of the consumer as you can design an outfit, dress your sim in it and enter it into a runway online competition with the possibility of having your design made into a real item of clothing that can be purchased in H and M stores.  H and M is the first and only brand to have this idea and colaborate with the gaming world.  I think it is a unique and clever idea.  However I do think the Sims age range probably stops at about 15 years old if that and the target market for H and M is probably a little bit older.  All in all a good idea but i think they have got the target market slightly wrong.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Sony Ericson Night Tennis Event- Campaign

I loved the idea of this campaign sport and electronic culture to combining.  Sony Ericsson combined sport and music for its "night tennis" event.  I thought this was really cool and different and the pictures show how amazing the night was.  There was a pitch black tennis court only lit by UV lights and eight players wearing neon clothes that show up in the dark.  There was a UV neon tennis ball and music like Groove Armarda playing in the background.  There were a number of tennis games with amazing light shows and music and projected onto a screen to everyone can see.  In the middle of games a fashion show took place with the latest styles and products, after the matches the tennis court got transformed into a dance floor.  This "Tennis Night" happened during the Sony Ericsson Championships in Madrid and the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami.  I think this is an awsome idea to promote awareness and a really cool idea for a night, I personally would have loved to have gone!!

Lost keys- Campaign

I found this campaign in a book called "Advertising Next" and  thought it was a perfect way to catch peoples attention.  Keyrings attached to keys were left in 125 busy pubic places for example on countertops   and booths, on bars or at cash points.  The keyring that is featured in the picture that reads "if found, please do not return ."- " My Next Generation Nissan Altima has Intelligent Key with Push Button Ignition, and I no longer needs these"-  this reference advertises the new form of technology that allows the owner of the new Altima to unlock and drive the car without using the key.  A very interesting and eye catching way to promote the new car and its features!

Smoking Campaign

Recently I have just given up smoking and as a previous smoker I noticed a new campaign that really shocked me.  I never realised how many chemicals cigarettes contain and the real dangers of them.  Cigarettes contain over 4000 chemicals and the campaign's aim was to make people aware of what exactly cigarettes contain and what carcinogenic substances people are putting into their bodies.  To do this a cigarette shaped tanker with warning signs of what cigarettes contain and the dangers of them displayed on the tank.  This was then driven around the UK and parked in public places.  This concept was designed to direct the public to the "smoke is poison" website.  This campaign was very sucessful and people informed of them chemicals in cigarettes rose by 178%.  I think a very striking campaign.

Yellow Balls- Campaign

This campaign really caught my attention as I have alway been very active as a child and an adult.  I have a very strong opinion on children and adults who sit inside all day or at weekends and don't do anything.  With rising in obesity amongst children the yellow ball campaign was set to fight obesity in the Uk between 9 and 13 year olds and get them active. 500,000 balls were distributed , some were direct mail, others given out in schools and some dropped in selected playgrounds and parks.  Most children who see a play will automatically pick it up and play with it or gain the intrerest of the child.  Each ball had a specific code on it which children were encouraged to tap into the internet and they could then start a blog.  They were encouraged to do a post on what they had done with the ball and then pass the ball on and then track where there ball had gone and what other people had been doing with it.  This programme was really successful and got over 5 million kids active resulting in 14.9 million hours of excercise.  21% of the balls handed out were passed on.  1 ball was passed 31 times and another travelled 39,940 miles!!!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

What Katie Did Next- tv

Lover her or hate her, everyone just cant seem to get enough of Katie Price.  Everyone that hates her is still talking about her.  She is fascinating and incredible to watch.  People are hooked on her latest tv show "what katie did next".  Even if you hate her you jut still have to watch her  I thought this picture that i found of her from ibiza sums her up in one.  She is on the beach with people crowded around her, waiting to see what she is going to to.  Wherever she goes she is watched intently by everyone.  She has created an empire where she sits at the top.  She may not be liked but she is a very clever woman sat right at the top of her game.


Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The ugliest building in britain- architecture

There was an article in the telegraph a couple of days ago naming the ugliest building in britain.  Voted by  a panel of experts from Building Design magazine The Pier Head Ferry Terminal in Liverpool was voted the ugliest building in britain.  Just behind in second and third place, Londons Westfield shopping centre and the first station at Poundbury.  The ugliest building in britain cost 10.5 million, which i personally think is a lot of money to make something which people don't think looks nice, however it has a very functional purpose.  It was designed by Belfast- based Hamilton Architects and has been said to be the most notable example of bad architecture.  Many people are willing to comment on this building, most of them saying how this piece of architecture is ugly and spoils the heritage and one of Liverpools most important and historical sites.  My opinion however is that if you don't try these things out you never know!! I personally do not think its THAT bad! Obviously most people do!