Sunday, 23 August 2009

Matt Johnson- Malus Sieversii

This is a fascinating piece of artwork created by Matt Johnson and is a life sized version of a hand-carved wooden apple. An apple is a very interesting choice of fruit to create a piece of artwork about, as it has many links and is associated with many different concepts.  For example it is closely linked with religion from being the "forbidden fruit" that was eaten by adam and eve.  It also is famous when it comes to record label and computers and a tiny picture of an apple has become an international brand for macs.  Again a clash of the core of nature and religion mixed with the most modern and contemporary technology.  If you look closer and Matt Johnson's work you can see how he has carved tiny "escher-esque" entertwining staircases all on the inside part of the apple which looks like it has been eaten away.  The stairs could represent the pathway from historic religion to the new form the apple is taking is the modern contemporary world.

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