Thursday, 13 August 2009

Sunbed Campaign

As I was looking into Mccan Ericson I decided to look up some of the work they have produced and their most sucessfull campaigns. I then came across one that alot of my friends had seen and it had caught there attension and had previously heard them talk about it and realised what it was all about. A cutting edge campaign to deal with a very relative problem in todays society. The campaign is called computer.tan a link to this is shown below:
Mcann Ericson linked up with skin cancer research to promote the dangers of skin cancer. Skin cancer reasearch didnt have alot of money to play with, for a big tv ad campaign for example like the famous mastercard priceless campaign. So they came up with a hoax website convincing people that they could get a tan, like that from a sunbed sitting, at their computer desks from the screens of there computer using "revolutionary technology". All they had to do was sign up on the computer tan website and try it out for free. When they signed up it loaded the screen which looked like a tanning booth and then horrific pictures of skin that had been effected by skin cancer came up and a strong message. This therefore targeted exactly the right people. People who think about and are using sunbed- an excellent way of filtering so you get exactly t0 the right audience. To view the hoax and watch the film that they play click on the link above. This campaign attracted millions of media attension and created endless awarness of the up and coming dangers of skin cancer to exactly the right people. They used print and outdoor ads, street leafleting and lots of PR.

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