Thursday, 20 August 2009

Jemma Kidd- Make up

This week I have been doing some work experience at Jemma Kidd. Jemma Kidd designs make up. They do all there own designs and advertsing, I helped in the design office and photography studio. They have recently rebranded all their products to make them more premieum as they moved their products from Boots to Space NK, the transition was huge has the prices of their products jumped by a huge margin so the designs of the products have to reflect this. They looked at existing brands such as Mac, Ysl and Benifit to gain inspiration at what there designs should look like and to have a look what was already on the premieum market. I think they have done this transition extremely well and the products look high range and expensive. The website is also very upbeat and modern, lots of videos which play on the site, interacting with the consumer. Bright colours contrast with black to grab your attension. There are also lots of buttons to click on, to explore and take you around the site giving you more information. One of the flaws that I found with this internet site is that you cant buy products online which you can do with all the other premieum brands of make up. I have posted some of the products and designs that Jemma Kidd has come up with and a link to there website. Jemma Kidd I personally think is one of the most up and coming modern cosmetic companies and promises to be making a huge impression and I think in a couple of years will be an extremly established well known brand.

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