Sunday, 23 August 2009

Mark Grotjahn- Artist

This piece of artwork at first glance is very eractic and busy.  There are plenty of bright colours marking the page in excitement.  Thick, hurried brush strokes.  It is created by different colour oils being painted onto a torn piece of cardboard and then transfered onto linen then onto canvas. Mark usually does highly polished paintings, some of his most famous ones were that of butterflies, however here he has expanded his work and goes back to painting in its most basic form.  This piece's the most promonate feature are the eyes that cover that page.  I personally think they look like angry raging eyes.  If you look closely you can see the different parts of the face painted there also.  Combined with the variety of colours I think that Grotjahn may be trying to portray a mixture of different people and there emotions all mixed together or one person and all their emotions held up inside.  I think the colours convey the mood and the feelings of the different emotions. This painting caught my attention as it was busy and exciting with lots of different things for your eyes to explore and think about

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