Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Orphan- Film

I went to the cinema to see a film called "The Orphan" this suggests to me an innocent film about an orphan who we can all feel sorry for and sympathize with. This was not the case. I have posted a link to the trailer of the film and you will see like I did how diverse the film is from the misleading innocent title. It is about a little russian orphan who gets adopted by a family who have recently had a still born child. The mother isnt ready to go through child birth again but the agree to give the love they had for their baby to an orphan. The little girl appears liek a normal child at first. Some things she does or wears are strange but at first appearence she seems relativly normal. As the film goes on this child does sick and twisted things to the family and other charactors in the film and we begin to see this child is far from normal and a nightmare child who is trying to kill all the people around her. At the end of the film it materialises that the russian orphan is actually a 33 year old pyschiatric patient who had escaped from hospital. I thought this film was awful- the story line is good and keeps you intrested in the film however I think it is REALLY bad pr for orphans and orphanages. I think most poeple would consider adopting if they couldnt have children or even if they had had children and had enough money and time to give to a child that needed it. It has become a trend amoungst celebraties to adopt aswe, therefor adoption is becoming increasingly more popular. However this film has put me off adoption and I think anyone else who watches it would feel the same. I think it is a really unfair film and should definatly be an 18 not a 15!


  1. I saw the film advertised load in the U.S, and tended to flick channels for its I too found it pretty creepy!
    This is isnt the only film depicting orphans/orphanages in a poor light - 'The Orphanage' is another tormented film - with an interesting twist I won't spoil for you - it lacks the gore you described in 'The Orphan'. And another I came across which appears equally sickening would be 'The Children'.
    I wouldn't let the film put you off adopting - I'm sure orphanges in our country dig deep, and wouldn't give away just anyone.
    Don't watch Final Destination - you'll be afraid of nearly everything! :p

  2. There are lots of films that do like you say give bad pr for orphanages but unfortunately some are true for example; An American Crime, which is all based on court manuscripts.

    I've not seen "The Orphan" but reckon when its gone to dvd and reduced in price, I probably buy it!