Thursday, 20 August 2009

The picture book - book

I found this book while looking in the Satchi and Satchi gallery (which I will write about and comment on at a later post!!) I found the book in the gift shop there. Possibly the best part of all meuseums! The book really caught my attension, not at first glance but after flicking throught it, i realised it wasnt like any other ordinary book. The book purposley has no text or copy written in it as the books aim is for you to come to your own conclusions about the art and design in the book. Take what you want from the pictures, think about them and what they might represent, making you look more closely at the book and studying the art or designs harder than if there was a piece of text there telling you what it was about. Its more intresting to come to your own conclusions and have your own opinions on things as in art and design if you can justify it it isnt wrong and everyone is enitiled to their own opinions.

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