Tuesday, 21 July 2009

You Can Find Inspiration in Everything- Book

This book I found in the design meuseum and I think totally sums up this breif. The author is Paul Smith. The front cover reads "You can find inspiration in everything....and if you cant, look again" I think this phrase is so true and as I have been completely the breif and working on my blog, visiting different meuseums and analysing work in the and seeing how different artists work influence one another. This book obviously speaks alot of sense. The book is about a designers sources of ideas. It is illustrated with the catch phrase on the front "you can find inspiration in everything..and if you cant, look again" and this phrase is printed on eight different paper stocks and shows photographs and souviners, pull out board games and puzzels. Early editions of the book as you can see from the photo that I have taken and published on my blog, came in polystrene cases. These were designed by Jonoathon Ive.

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