Thursday, 16 July 2009

The Arc- architecture

Today I went to London- I drove into london from Reading along the A4 through hammersmith. I do this journey quite alot and there is always one building that captures my attention. I therefore decided to research into it a bit further and put it on my blog. The form of this building is visually striking and takes the form of a boat- ironically the building itself is called "The Arc". It was designed by Ralph Erskine in 1992. Researching into the building a little bit more I have found out that it is actually an empty office block. I have looked up some images on the internet and have also been able to find the inside of the building which is as striking on the inside as the out. These images of "The Arc" are shown below. My views on this building however vary a little bit. I think it is a very striking building and is defiantly a real statement to greet people as they arrive into London. "The Arc" to me reminds me of Noah's Arc and symbolizes safety as you enter London. London is a powerful city and I think this building conveys the message that if anything happens that it is there showing its safety like in the Noah's Arc story where the arc came to the rescue. However although i think the concept and idea behind the building is good I dont think it has any real use/function at this point in time. You could say that as its a statement to London therefor its form is part of its function. Although I think it would be amazing if they came up with a new function alongside its strong statement relating to Noah's Arc and made it into a zoo. This would tie in with the way the building looks, would attract alot of people to come and view "The Arc" making more well known and publicizing it to more people than just london commuters.

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