Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Mariscal- Exhibition

Javier Mariscal was born in Valencia in Spain in 1950. He moved to Barcelona in the early 1970'sand started his career. He started off as an underground comic artist. He went on to give Barcelona a graphic identity. He was firsty famously recognised for his work in the olympic games of 1992 when he created "Cobi" -a mascot, that was recognised by millions. He then went on to designing furniture, jew;;ery, bars, hotels, clothes and textiles all of them displayed his unique style of design, Mariscal is a man of many talents, he paints, makes films is a ceramic artist and a performer. He know has a large studio and have a large number of clients all over the world.
I went to the Design Meuseum in London. He has an exhibition running there with some of his work. Running from the 1st July until 1st November. HIs exhibition is called Mariscal- Drawing Life. This exhibition includes thirteen installations that explores the way Mariscal sees the world and how he uses his drawings. Mariscal explains through his drawing of work what drives him and what motivated him to creating his artwork.
I have chosen two pieces from the exhibition that i really loved. I will start with my favourite. This peice is probably has become my favourite piece of design work of all time. I have taken pictures of the work which are featured. The design is called "Joie de Vivre" the work is displayed in a room with two white walls and two black walls. Its message is supose to convey the joys of living in Barcelona and is represented by an installation of fragments from the medeterrain coastline. In the room there are little houses made out of cardboard with Mariscals famous stylr of drawing decorating them. Inside the little cardboard houses cartoon films that Mariscal had made were playing-as you can see in the picture. Background music in the room was also playing the song "Don't Get Me Wrong" by The Pretenders over and over again. This is a happy, soothing song that is very catchy! My favourite Part of this whole room I think was the little comments that had been quoted by Mariscal also featured in the pictures. Quotes that had driven his to his work and had made him motivated. I love his style of illustrative work. The drawings are simple, yet so effective and have created him a trademark style which is used in loads of products. I think his designs are best on childrens books and toys and packaging. A very sucessful designer who has built his career and created his own sucess through raw talent.

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