Monday, 20 July 2009

Tree Hugger- website

So i was just having a little browse on the internet and I came across some very cool intresting design sights with loads of frersh new modern designs in them one of them is listed below:

I have posted a design which I found very amusing, clever and innotavive. It's called an "Ibum" -it is a photocopier hidden in a chair. Therefore a multi purpose object- that saves space! It claims to be great for the home office hiding an ugly machine in a asthically pleasing chair!! Another purpose was to save embarrassment at the office parties, where employees and renound to think its halarious to jump on the office photocopier and take a picture of their bum. This chair saves that embarrassment and save people breaking the photocopier! It was designed by a japanese "interactive designer" called Tomomi Sayuda and she wrote on the website about how she got the idea of the "Ibum" :
"I was interested in the principle of the news, which is showing embarrassment without big harm for fun. For me, impact means positive and humorous reaction. I decided how to represent this principle. Finally I came up with the idea of scanning people's bum."
I personally think this is a halarious idea that is functional and very amusing!!! I am looking forward to what crazy design she posts on tree hugger next!!!

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  1. I actually came across that has a huge variety of home office chairs with some new and stylish.