Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Design Meuseum- Super contemporary

This exhibition is running from the 3rd June until 4th October.
"The Design meuseum has joined forces with Beefeater 24 to celebrate the fearlessly progressive spirt of London's greatest creative minds past and present. The exhibition illustrates Londons pursuit of new better and braver, across architecture, industrial design, graphics, fashion and communications alike. Endless pushing at the forefront of design and constantly inventing new worlds, Londons design output is continually Super Contemporary"

The exhibition is set out in one big room, the meuseum takes you from the early 20th century right up to the current date of 2009. It shows how the economical, political and financial state of countries have a definate influence on design. It shows that to be a good designer you need to take inspiration from everything that is going on around you. If you looked at a design in this meuseum you can make an educated guess at which era it was from.
One piece of work caught my attension the most in this exhibition was probably dated to be the most recent design in the exhibition a picture is posted above. It talks about how nobodys life is private anymore and everything we do is logged and monitered! did you know we are captured 400 times a day on camera. You can see two sides to this story as as crime rates have risen, the government are stepping up the protection so everything has to be monitered and watched for our own safety, however have they pushed the limit? gone too far? Surely everyone needs a little privacy. If you read the board i have taken a picture of in the exhibiton, you will realise how much you are being watched and what you thought were private matters are actually being logged on a large database. All those things you wish to forget about (using that credit card!!!) are all logged and stored! The exhibiton piece has the copy outside explaining how little privacy we actually have you then step into a circular room filled with pictures of survielence cameras- very contempary-and very scary stuff!

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