Monday, 20 July 2009

Spaghetti Fork- design

Cargo is fast becoming my favourite store! This time I found a design I thought was unbeliveable. Not for the design of it however, but I couldnt believe someone would think of it! How could anybody be this lazy! I strongly believe and I am kind of worried that in years to come all human jobs will eventually be replaced by machinary. For example you may have a job now filing papers as your summer job but in years to come, I believe now more than ever there will be a contraption or new design that will do this for you! Humans are gettin lazier and technology is getting stronger. I think that this design is a little example of this. Obviously not as an extreme case! The design I found is called the "Spaghetti Fork" the fork actually turns itself to wind the spaghetti onto the fork so all the consumer has to do is put it in the bowl and take it out again. Does the hard work for you! Half the fun of eating spaghetti is trying to get it onto the fork and to stay there!! I really dont think we need a fork that does half the eating process for us! People are just getting lazy! Soon we will have a machine that picks up all our food and puts it in our mouths for us, all we will have to do is open our mouths!!!! Ridiculous!

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