Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Shower Tunnel -Mariscal Drawing Life

Also in the Mariscal Drawing Life exhibition, the first room as you walked into the exhibition I loved- not as much as the one below but this was my second favourite from Mariscals work. It is a dark room painted all black, four black walls, ceiling and floor and there are two archways at each end of the room with rubber strings hanging down. You can see this in the pictures that I have taken and posted. This room had hanging from the ceiling an installation of 640 illustarted ideas. In his sketchy simple style he has drawn natural sketches, iconography, illustrated alphabets, comic strips, ideograms, picograms and outlines! The pieces hanging from the ceiling have illustartions on both sides if you look from one direction (as you come out of the exhibition) they are all faces. And from the other direction an array of aspects. I like how Mariscal keeps his individal style that is so recognisable but has come up with an array of wonderful, modern and unique designs.

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