Sunday, 12 July 2009

My Sisters Keeper- film

Two days ago I went to the cinema to see a new film that is out- im sure you have heard of it, "My Sister's Keeper". It is a film that is based on a book by Jodi Picault. Although I admit I have not read the book, this is possibly the most touching film I have ever watched! It's really a film that makes you stop to think and definatly touches an emotional nerve.

It's about a normal family which starts off as four. The little girl of the family, Kate, tragically gets diagnosed with cancer. The parents decide to have a genetic baby to try to help keep Kate alive. They name the baby Anna, she starts donating parts of her body to kate as a newborn, with no choices in her life, the story goes on as Anna gets older she serves her parents with court papers for the rights to her own body and states she no longer wishes to be put under an operating table to save her sister's life. The story is traumatic and heart wrenching. The scene that is posted by a link below (as I havent worked out how I can upload a video yet!) is one of my favourite scenes to date in films and promotes the awareness of taking things for granted and how it is essential to be appricative of the poeple around you. This particular clip sums up the whole film of how the family have struggled through their ordeal together- a beautiful scene. I definatly recommend if you havent seen this film already you do!

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