Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The ugliest building in britain- architecture

There was an article in the telegraph a couple of days ago naming the ugliest building in britain.  Voted by  a panel of experts from Building Design magazine The Pier Head Ferry Terminal in Liverpool was voted the ugliest building in britain.  Just behind in second and third place, Londons Westfield shopping centre and the first station at Poundbury.  The ugliest building in britain cost 10.5 million, which i personally think is a lot of money to make something which people don't think looks nice, however it has a very functional purpose.  It was designed by Belfast- based Hamilton Architects and has been said to be the most notable example of bad architecture.  Many people are willing to comment on this building, most of them saying how this piece of architecture is ugly and spoils the heritage and one of Liverpools most important and historical sites.  My opinion however is that if you don't try these things out you never know!! I personally do not think its THAT bad! Obviously most people do!


  1. If possible this building actually looks UN-designed. Its a bit all over the place, but like you said you have to have a go, I've never seen it but reckon it probably does ruin the terminal in Liverpool.

    It looks like it should be in a cartoon!

  2. I don't think it's the ugliest building ever- there are some a LOT worse. I remember seeing some truly dreadful architecture on that series Demolition, one of which may have been the Poundbury station you mentioned.

  3. This is a bit of a weird looking building, but after looking at loads of buildings for my one week project to do with concrete i would say there are a lot worse ones, particularly a lot of the high rise concrete flats out there!