Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Sims/ H and M

The sims has teamed up with shop H and M to promote their clothes line.  Loads of children and teenagers play on the video game.  You can dress these cartoon people and choose what they look like.  You can now only choose H and M clothes to dress your sim in, you can make your sim go shopping, try things on, browse through the clothes, do runway catwalks.  Making people aware of the clothes they sell in H and M.  This game brings together the real world of fashion and the virtual world of gaming.  This game also works to the advantage of the consumer as you can design an outfit, dress your sim in it and enter it into a runway online competition with the possibility of having your design made into a real item of clothing that can be purchased in H and M stores.  H and M is the first and only brand to have this idea and colaborate with the gaming world.  I think it is a unique and clever idea.  However I do think the Sims age range probably stops at about 15 years old if that and the target market for H and M is probably a little bit older.  All in all a good idea but i think they have got the target market slightly wrong.

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