Monday, 28 September 2009

Sony Ericson Night Tennis Event- Campaign

I loved the idea of this campaign sport and electronic culture to combining.  Sony Ericsson combined sport and music for its "night tennis" event.  I thought this was really cool and different and the pictures show how amazing the night was.  There was a pitch black tennis court only lit by UV lights and eight players wearing neon clothes that show up in the dark.  There was a UV neon tennis ball and music like Groove Armarda playing in the background.  There were a number of tennis games with amazing light shows and music and projected onto a screen to everyone can see.  In the middle of games a fashion show took place with the latest styles and products, after the matches the tennis court got transformed into a dance floor.  This "Tennis Night" happened during the Sony Ericsson Championships in Madrid and the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami.  I think this is an awsome idea to promote awareness and a really cool idea for a night, I personally would have loved to have gone!!

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