Thursday, 24 September 2009

What Katie Did Next- tv

Lover her or hate her, everyone just cant seem to get enough of Katie Price.  Everyone that hates her is still talking about her.  She is fascinating and incredible to watch.  People are hooked on her latest tv show "what katie did next".  Even if you hate her you jut still have to watch her  I thought this picture that i found of her from ibiza sums her up in one.  She is on the beach with people crowded around her, waiting to see what she is going to to.  Wherever she goes she is watched intently by everyone.  She has created an empire where she sits at the top.  She may not be liked but she is a very clever woman sat right at the top of her game.


  1. Katie price has almost become a brand herself. I really don't like her but I agree I can't help but be interested by her - watch her TV programs and read about her in magazine articles.

  2. I used to like her until I watched her show, and now I highly dislike her. But agreed, I can't help but watch still. I can't say I like Pete much either, but then they are very similar. Perfect for eachother in fact.