Monday, 28 September 2009

Yellow Balls- Campaign

This campaign really caught my attention as I have alway been very active as a child and an adult.  I have a very strong opinion on children and adults who sit inside all day or at weekends and don't do anything.  With rising in obesity amongst children the yellow ball campaign was set to fight obesity in the Uk between 9 and 13 year olds and get them active. 500,000 balls were distributed , some were direct mail, others given out in schools and some dropped in selected playgrounds and parks.  Most children who see a play will automatically pick it up and play with it or gain the intrerest of the child.  Each ball had a specific code on it which children were encouraged to tap into the internet and they could then start a blog.  They were encouraged to do a post on what they had done with the ball and then pass the ball on and then track where there ball had gone and what other people had been doing with it.  This programme was really successful and got over 5 million kids active resulting in 14.9 million hours of excercise.  21% of the balls handed out were passed on.  1 ball was passed 31 times and another travelled 39,940 miles!!!

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