Monday, 28 September 2009

Smoking Campaign

Recently I have just given up smoking and as a previous smoker I noticed a new campaign that really shocked me.  I never realised how many chemicals cigarettes contain and the real dangers of them.  Cigarettes contain over 4000 chemicals and the campaign's aim was to make people aware of what exactly cigarettes contain and what carcinogenic substances people are putting into their bodies.  To do this a cigarette shaped tanker with warning signs of what cigarettes contain and the dangers of them displayed on the tank.  This was then driven around the UK and parked in public places.  This concept was designed to direct the public to the "smoke is poison" website.  This campaign was very sucessful and people informed of them chemicals in cigarettes rose by 178%.  I think a very striking campaign.

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  1. Really interesting post! Not seen this before, although I did see an advert recently where a smoker was getting beaten up (really quite badly) by an invisible assailant, with the line 'Smoke, and your body takes a beating.' Anyway, thanks for highlighting this, as my dissertation is regarding anti-smoking advertisements, and this will be really helpful!